Initiated in 2017 as a collaboration between Farmlands and MGG Cooperative - the Innovation Vineyard Project (IVP) has evolved to a collection of vineyard blocks at Rothay Vineyard, Wratt’s Road, Rapaura, Marlborough. 


Within these blocks, the IVP aims to implement management systems that are considered current ‘best practice’. In addition, we are able to overlay some blue-sky technologies and then demonstrate process and outcomes to MGG and Farmlands Cooperative Members.


“Secondarily, we have a location that can be utilised for conducting trials, internally, and with external parties.”

— Craig Howard – Project Chairman. MGG Cooperative.


A small committee has been compiled to lead and manage the project.


Craig Howard
Project Chairman.
MGG Cooperative

Johnny McMillan
MGG Cooperative

Ben McLauchlan
Owner and manager of the Innovation Vineyard blocks
Grower and Board Director for MGG Cooperative

Mart Verstappen
Technical Lead, Horticulture Farmlands Cooperative


Each year, the committee aims to assess new as well as ongoing projects for their benefits. These will be presented to MGG and Farmlands memberships annually through an organised program of;

Field days
Brief, top line and interactive. 

A means to deliver and discuss topics in a more in-depth manner.

Informative notes and handouts